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Quality Brochure Printing in Cork and Dublin

Even in the digital era, there is often no better way to spread the word about your brand and your latest news than with high-quality brochures and leaflets. They remain some of the most important ways to advertise your business. Watermans Print and Packaging is a well-established provider of brochure printing in Ireland, and we produce marketing collateral for many clients across a broad market segment, including the health, banking and educational sectors.

Watermans Printers
Watermans Printers

Designing The Perfect Brochure, Leaflets and Flyers

The success of any printed marketing material comes down to the design, rather than the content. Unless the former is really good, people will seldom even bother to read the latter. So how do you design great brochures, leaflets and flyers? Try the following steps:

  1. Make sure it fits with your brand identity. The look and feel of the collateral material must be consistent with your brand overall. Make sure that the design elements speak to your identity, and do the same with the tone and content.
  2. Design for your ideal reader. What you want in your brochure is not the most important consideration – you need to think about what your ideal reader will want. With every design and content decision you make, think about how your target market will respond to it.
  3. Choose the right brochure type. There are plenty of options: tri-fold, Z-fold, roll-fold, parallel fold and more. Speak to your printer to find out which options are available and are most suitable. This step depends heavily on the previous two. Your brand identity and your target market, as well as the content you create for them, will dictate the most appropriate format.
  4. Put the elements together according to your unique style, but keep it clean and simple. Let the brochure reflect your identity, but don’t go too crazy with it. It should be clean, neat and easily readable. Remember to focus on creating a highly visible, cleverly phrased and carefully designed call to action.
  5. Choose your printer carefully. If you can, visit your printer and ask to see the work they have done. You should also ask them about the technology they use, especially relating to questions such as ink options and colour matching. A good printer will also give you advice on paper weight, finishes, and ink types that will best serve your design.

Watermans Print and Packaging has been providing printing solutions since 1954, and we will be happy to be your partner for brochure printing in Cork and Dublin. Contact us for more information.

1WL brochure. Cover printed two Pantone colours, de-bossed with an eye catching mirror like Spot UV finish. Text printed 6 colours on 170gsm Pheonix Motion Xenon and thread-sewn.
Twin wire stitched booklet with clear foiled, die cut cover printed on uncoated stock.
Perforated folded voucher leaflet.
Various wire stitched brochures printed on coated and uncoated stock.
A5 landscape brochure with mat laminated and spot UV cover.
Foiled scored and concertina folded.