Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns With Direct Mail

Collateral marketing materials such as brochures and leaflets help to spread the word about your business across the public in general, but it can be quite hit-and-miss in nature. Direct mail, on the other hand, is an effective way to target potential customers with precision. It can also be a rather difficult process to manage. Watermans Print and Packaging has developed a Variable Digital Printing Solution to make the process easier. Now you can personalise and directly target your audience where it is most effective. Our dedicated direct mail division has an abundance of experience and can show you the most efficient way to keep in touch with your clients.

The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Companies choose direct mail marketing for a number of reasons. The most important benefits of the medium are:

  • It is highly targeted: No need to cast your net too wide and hope for the best. You can send your communications directly to your existing customers and prospects.
  • Potential for personalisation: In addition to targeting your clients directly, you can customise each mailer so that it is directed at a specific reader, making your communications personal, and making your clients feel that they are highly appreciated members of your network.
  • Cost-effective: The creation of the campaign can be effortless and inexpensive.
  • Range of formats: Direct mail can take almost any form you like, from postcards to leaflets, catalogues, magazines or simple newsletters. You can design your written communication as you see fit, and as best suits your target audience.

Watermans Print and Packaging is one of the most respected providers of digital printing in Ireland. We have been providing printing solutions since 1954, moving with the times and keeping up with technology to keep producing work of exceptional quality. Our digital printing services make direct mail easy and accurate. Contact us for more information.

Now you can personalise and directly target your marketing where it is most effective