E-flute Cardboard

Use E-flute Packaging for Quality Printing and Lightweight Shipping

The E-flute packaging provider you can count on. There are many different kinds of corrugated cardboard boxes. Of the many options available, E-flute packaging is the best for lightweight shipping and high-quality print applications. For the best combination of crush resistance and branding opportunities, E-flute corrugated boxes are the way to go.

Watermans Printers
Watermans Printers

What is E-flute Packaging?

E-flute corrugated packaging is available in wall thicknesses. These varying wall thicknesses are referred to as flute sizes. The term ‘flute’ refers to the wave-shaped middle layer of a sheet of cardboard. The flutes are anchored to the out layers – the liner boards – with a strong adhesive. The size of the flute will determine the strength of the box, its insulating capabilities and its printing capabilities. E-flute cardboard packaging is the second thinnest corrugated cardboard packaging available. It is roughly 1.5mm thick and contains 270 flutes per square metre. With its thin profile and flat surface, it is ideal for containing fragile items and also works well for mailers and specialty point-of-sale display boxes. E-flute boxes cardboard is flat, thin and rigid, which means that it provides a perfect surface for high-quality printing.

You can trust Watermans Print and Packaging to create packaging that is of exceptional quality and that will add value to your product. We will manufacture and brand your E-flute packaging on request, within a short turnaround time. Contact us for more information.