Reach New Audiences With Newspaper and Magazine Inserts

Newspaper inserts are a clever way to bring your products or services to the attention of hundreds of thousands of newspaper and magazine readers around the country. Simple, yet eye-catching, an insert or card has the potential to create new customers and expand your audience.  

Watermans specialise in the production of stand-alone inserts or blow-in cards which are inserted into magazines, newspapers or other publications. Newspaper inserts are among our major products and we have been providing this service to our clients for many years. We have also worked with numerous retailers and fast food companies to produce discount coupons for inclusion in various publications. We have vast experience in meeting newspaper and magazine deadlines nationwide as part of our 24/7 production and delivery service.

Why Advertise With Newspaper and Magazine Inserts?

Even today, newspaper inserts remain a popular marketing medium. Even though consumers get more of their entertainment and information from digital media than ever before, they still rely on traditional media too. As a result, newspaper inserts continue to be effective. Here are the main reasons why:

  • Extended exposure: Digital ads tend to flicker on and off our screens in a few seconds. Once they are gone, they are quickly forgotten about. On the other hand, print media such as newspapers tends to lie around in our homes for at least a few days, and collateral materials such as inserts remain there too. This means that readers are exposed to them for a longer time, and will engage with them more.
  • A huge audience: Newspapers still reach a very large audience, meaning that an insert is read by thousands of people at a time. 
  • They easily feed into consumers’ shopping habits: Consumers want to make their lives easier and newspaper inserts help them do exactly that. There is no need to go out hunting for bargains – all they have to do is open their morning paper and the latest deals and specials fall out in front of them.

Watermans Print and Packaging is one of the most respected providers of digital printing in Ireland. We have been providing printing solutions since 1954. Our quality full-colour printing equipment can help you produce beautiful and effective newspaper inserts for your marketing campaigns. Contact us for more information.

We are experienced in meeting newspaper deadlines nationwide with our 24/7 production and delivery.