Self Publishing design & printing Dublin & Cork

Self-Publishing is to publish ones work independently without the involvement of any third-party publisher and at the expense of the individual. A self-published book is also known as a privately published book. The author is completely in control of the entire process, for example the design, the format, the price and the marketing of the book. Award winning book printers: Bord Gais Energy Children’s Book of the Year and Irish Printer Book of the Year for the Royal Irish Academy. Minimum economic quantity is 500 books. These are all lithographically printed (ink not toner). An excellent unit cost means you can sell your books and make a profit. Different finishing options such as: Hard Back, Soft Back, Slip Cases, Belly Bands, Dust Jackets, French Flaps and many more. ISO print colour management. Press pass your print on site.

Award winning thread sewn case bound book with spring back cover book printed for Royal Irish Academy.
Gold foiled cover with coloured head and tail banks.