Cosmetic Packaging

Custom cosmetic packaging

The importance of packaging in the cosmetics industry should never be underestimated. Aside from carrying and protecting the product, it also embodies the brand’s identity, with unmistakable shapes, colours and logos that make it inseparable from the brand itself. Watermans Print and Packaging has the expertise and equipment needed to work alongside cosmetics manufacturers and their packaging designers to create luxury cosmetic box and carton packaging.

Designing your cosmetic packaging

Creating a design for custom cosmetic packaging is a matter of knowing your ideal customer, defining your brand identity in line with your target audience. Then, you shape your bottles, jars and boxes in such a way as to capture that brand and sell it most effectively to your target market. This is a challenging but enjoyable and creative process, and when done successfully, results in cosmetic packaging that your customers will come to associate with your brand at a glance. Take inspiration from the cosmetic packaging design trends that are already popular, but find creative ways to make them your own. Once you have a complete grasp of your brand identity, your target market and the demands of your primary selling outlets, this becomes a much easier task.

Watermans Print and Packaging provides boxes and cartons to complete your cosmetic packaging, enclosing, protecting and marketing your bottles, jars and other products and containers. Regardless of the shape and size of your cosmetic products, there are boxes, sleeves and inner trays to carry them.

Whatever your cosmetic packaging design may be, Watermans Print and Packaging can turn it into a reality. You can trust us to create packaging that is of exceptional quality, and that will add value to your product. Contact us for more information.