Chilled Cabinet Packaging

Maintain freshness with chilled cabinet packaging

Transporting perishable food products can be a challenge. It is imperative to maintain freshness and prevent heat damage. You need affordable packing solutions that keep your foods at optimal temperatures. Chilled cabinet packaging from Watermans Print and Packaging is just what you need to move your cold products safely and efficiently.

Quality chilled packaging solutions

Temperature-controlled packaging is essential for many food supply businesses, including suppliers of meat and fish, dairy products, and vegetables. You need to ensure that your products will arrive fresh at their destinations, regardless of how far they may have to travel. 

Chilled cabinet packaging is manufactured from polyurethane and cardboard, creating packages that provide effective insulation against temperature change, while also being easy to assemble, pack and carry. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can also be customised to suit your preferred maximum temperatures. There are boxes that will keep products under -18ºC, 5ºC, 8ºC etc. 

You can trust Watermans Print and Packaging to create packaging that is of exceptional quality and that will add value to your product. Contact us for more information.