Crash Lock Cartons

Streamline your packaging with custom-made crash lock cartons

Crash lock cartons are essential for fast packing operations, saving time and costs and helping to get your products shipped quickly and efficiently. Watermans Print and Packaging supplies self-locking cardboard boxes of all sizes. We can also print your logos and other text and images on the sides of your boxes.

The benefits of crash lock boxes

Also called self-locking boxes, crash lock boxes are supplied flat, but are designed to be assembled in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is push opposite corners towards each other, and the bottom flaps automatically lock together to form a secure, rigid base. This clever design offers a number of benefits for your business: not only can you assemble your boxes in almost no time at all, thus increasing productivity, but you can also reduce your spending on secondary packaging, as you will not require any tape to assemble and secure the bottom. You will also reduce repetitive strain injuries (RSI) for your packing staff, making their jobs safer and easier.

Watermans Print and Packaging has been in business since 1954, and we have built our reputation on delivering quality solutions that are quick, cost-effective and designed to show your product or service off in the best possible light. By working with Watermans Print and Packaging, you can source crash lock boxes in a broad array of sizes and designs, manufactured from quality cardboard stock, and tailored to suit your requirements.

You can trust us to create packaging that is of exceptional quality and that will add value to your product. Contact us today to order your custom-made crash lock cartons and other packaging products.