Snap Lock Cartons

Strong, convenient snap lock cartons

Watermans Print and Packaging prints an array of snap lock cartons that make attractive packages for all kinds of products.

What are snap lock boxes?

Also called 1-2-3 bottom boxes, snap lock boxes are designed to carry heavier items. The bottom flaps push into each other to form a sturdy base that won’t buckle under the product’s weight. Supplied flat, snap lock bottom boxes are easy to assemble. At the bottom of each box are four flaps: a U-shaped one, two small side flaps, and a fourth one that is designed to slip under the U-shaped one. Tuck the side flaps under the U-shaped panel and then tuck the fourth panel into the corresponding space on the U-shaped panel – your box is ready to use.

Snap lock boxes can also be printed in any colour and with any branding design you choose. You can design yours in wide array of sizes, and print them in a way that will make them distinctive and unmistakable on the retail shelf. This quick assembly solution is the answer to both your branding and packing requirements.

Why should you use snap lock cartons?

If your products are too heavy for other types of boxes, snap-lock bottom boxes are your best choice. The three-step bottom fold will keep products secured, even without the use of adhesives. 

You can trust Watermans Print and Packaging to create packaging that is of exceptional quality and that will add value to your product. We will manufacture and brand your snap lock cartons on request, within a short turnaround time. Contact us for more information.